An introduction to PR - via our MOOC - a learner's view

An introduction to PR - via our MOOC - a learner's view

Elizabeth Randell is a MOOC convert. In her "day job" she lives and breathes MOOCs.   I asked her why she decided to be one of the first to take our MOOC in PR. (MOOC stands for massive, open, online course. There are MOOCs in lots of topics but we think we might be the only one in PR.)

This is what Elizabeth told me:

Elizabeth, why did you decide to do the PR MOOC?

After 20 years in retail, I opted to change careers.  I had started taking MOOCs to prepare for going back to school, which led me to blogging, which led me to a job in Content Marketing with Accredible.  As this was all new (and exciting!) for me, I felt I needed to better understand my role and what I could do to best impact our brand.  The PR MOOC presented itself at the perfect time.  I had a need and the time to take it, so I signed up.

Did the course change your view of PR and if so, how?

Yes, it definitely changed my view of PR.  Previously, I thought it was just “spin”, but I quickly came to realize it was so much more.  The level of detail in planning a campaign or event, writing press releases, understanding how PR works hand in hand with content marketing…well it made my “work life” so much easier.

Did you find the course easy to fit in around work and home life?

I decided to work on my MOOC at the kitchen table with my kids as they worked on their homework.  This allowed me to ensure my kids did their homework and be able to answer their questions, etc.  Most importantly, it allowed me to teach them that learning never stops, that dedication to their school work pays off and that learning can be fun.  It also helps to have a supportive family and to work for a company, like Accredible, that values continuing education.

What was it like learning online?

I enjoy learning online.  I am a very independent learner - I like to read and listen at my own speed, take copious amounts of notes, and research any unfamiliar concepts at my own pace.  I find MOOCs to be ideal for me - especially if there is a forum in which I can ask questions and interact with others.  Online learning requires you to manage your time well…your calendar becomes your best friend!

How do you see the learning from the MOOC helping you in your career?

The Intro to PR MOOC has helped me daily in my career.  It gave me a new perspective on the presentation of content as well as sharing it with the world.  Recently, we transitioned our Learner Profiles from "" to "".  When I needed to create an announcement, I turned to my notes from the PR course and used the information to craft my statement and the way in which we shared the information.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Our next MOOC starts on 22 September. Elizabeth has also blogged about MOOC learning here.