Don't do numbers? You don't know what you're missing !

Don't do numbers? You don't know what you're missing !

Over on his Exploring Internal Communication blog, our Kevin Ruck has published his formula for successful internal communication. He launched it today at the CIPR Inside Internal Communication Conference.

I often hear comms people say " I don't do numbers". Heck, I say it myself. But we can't really get away with that anymore because the people we have to convince of the value of communication usually want to see the numbers - and I don't mean financial. Plus, if as communicators we aren't grounding what we do in research, as Kevin says, we are working blindfold.

As Kevin puts it:

Kevin Ruck launches a new formula for internal communication

"You cannot begin to measure internal communication unless you conduct research to set measurable communication objectives which then form the basis for assessing impact.

"Research and measurement is the Achilles Heel of internal communication practice. This might be because most practitioners have an arts or social sciences background and so may prefer to work with words and pictures than with numbers. That is certainly the case for myself. However, during the past two years as part of my PhD research at the University of Central Lancashire I have learned how to love numbers and I have been amazed at the insights that can be generated."

Read more and check out the formula.