The month that keeps giving: PR and communication Measurement Month

The month that keeps giving: PR and communication Measurement Month

I asked Paul Noble co-author of Evaluating Public Relations and leader of the PR and communication measurement course we run for AMEC to share his thoughts on Measurement, month!

Paul said:

Paul Noble who leads our course in PR and communication measurement and evaluation

"Have you ever managed the trick of making a month last 12 weeks? Well AMEC (the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) have pulled it off, or more accurately, are pulling it off.

It was in 2014 that AMEC launched the first, and only, Measurement Week. I say ‘only’ because as a victim of its own success, it was immediately upgraded to a month for 2015. Such was the level of activity in 2014 that multiple events had to be shoehorned into each day. Frenetic was fine and fun for all concerned, but we felt that even more value could be gained from a slightly more ‘measured’ pace.

Therefore, September 2015 saw the inaugural Measurement Month. And if you thought the schedule would be calmer when spread over a month rather than a week, then you would be right – but only just. In the region of 50 events were held online and face-to-face. Podcasts, webinars, Twitter and Facebook all played their part, while face-to-face events were held in around 20 different venues as far apart as Brussels and Buenos Aires.

Measurement Month 2015 was energised by the London launch in early September of Barcelona 2.0 - an exciting and carefully thought through evolution of the successful 2010 Barcelona Principles. And while the likes of social analytics, measurement frameworks, econometrics, and return on investment all had their 15 minutes of fame, it was 2.0 that was at the core of the programme.

So was Measurement Month a success? Who is going to evaluate the evaluators? Well let’s listen to our own advice and take a leaf out of Barcelona 2.0’s book, in particular the increased emphasis on qualitative data. Here’s what some of the great and good have had to say about Measurement Month:

‘The light that Measurement Month shines on best practice and the latest thinking helps us all to advance the communications profession. Alex Aitken, Executive Director of UK Government Communications

‘Measurement Month will enable the entire AMEC community to embrace the business value of communications evaluation.’ Karen Crawford, CEO Mediaverse

‘We see this as a practical opportunity internationally to get people talking, learning and sharing the latest thinking on evaluation of communications’. Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General and ICCO Chief Executive

So what about that month that lasted 12 weeks? Well, the explosive start that Barcelona 2.0 gave Measurement Month and the momentum maintained by the jam-packed programme meant that it has spilled over in October and even November. So, what started online on 1st September, and face-to-face over breakfast in Dublin on the 3rd, will culminate in a two day Congress in Nairobi on 14th/15th November.

From Stockholm to Sydney, from New York to New Delhi, events have been held in six of the seven continents. Anybody fancy Antarctica next year to complete the set