Chris Tucker (BA Hons, CAM, MCIPR)

I suppose you could call me a news junkie in that Sky News is constantly on in the background after, of course, BBC Radio Four’s Today programme.  The development of the new news ecosystem meshing on and offline media is something that fascinates me.  It’s certainly an enormously exciting time to be working in PR.

It also makes it a great time to be teaching the subject too.  There is always a new channel, concept or communication approach to discuss with students either at the PR Academy or at the London College of Communication where I am also an Associate Lecturer.  I like to ensure my workshops are full of real life case study examples which collectively we can either praise or pull apart.

I also bring in examples of communication challenges and learnings from my in-house career which ranged through the charitable sector, the public sector and ended up with me as Director of Public Relations for Barclays.  Today my freelance consultancy work focuses on media training and crisis communications which brings me into contact with organisations operating in the UK and beyond. Lots more food for thought there.

What Chris teaches:

CIPR Professional PR Diploma

CIPR Crisis Communications Diploma


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