Dr Heather Yaxley (PhD, BSc, PG, RSA, CAM)

What Heather says

“I’m a passionate advocate for investment in sustainable professional development and the benefits that effective learning brings to individuals, teams and organisations. At a time of unprecedented change in working practices, we all need to keep up to date with latest thinking, new ideas, and emerging practices. My experience is that personal development is an active process that works best when encouraged and nurtured as a shared practice. As a PR practitioner, consultant and educator, I’ve seen how learning improves confidence by enhancing current capabilities to help achieve future potential. I recently completed my PhD researching career strategies in public relations, during which I developed an innovative timeline research method and originated a new tapestry approach to career development. This recognises how careers are crafted by individuals within an environment that is increasingly fluid. As such, professional qualifications are a vital component of the lifelong learning that is key in developing successful contemporary careers.

Heather’s qualifications

  • PhD (Career strategies in public relations)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • PG Cert in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education)
  • RSA Diploma Business Communications
  • CAM Advanced & Higher Diplomas in Public Relations


What Heather has published:

Books and chapters:

Theaker, A. and Yaxley, H. The Public Relations Strategic Toolkit. 1st edition (2013) and 2nd edition (2017) published by Routledge.

Ruck, K. and Yaxley, H. 2015. Tracking the Rise and Rise of Internal Communication, In, Ruck, K. Exploring Internal Communication, 3rd edition published by Gower. Paper presented at International History of Public Relations in 2013.

Yaxley, H. 2013. The Public Relations Perspective of Promotional Culture, 2013, In Powell, H. (Ed), Promotional Culture and Convergence: Markets, Methods, Media, published by Routledge

Yaxley, H. 2012/2016. Risk, Issues and Crisis Management (chapter) and Digital Public Relations (chapter) in Theaker, A. Public Relations Handbook, 4th and 5th editions, published by Routledge.

Chapter on Investing in sustainable professional development in Hall, S. #FuturePRoof ebook. Available from: http://www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk/thelatest/chaptertwentytwo

Journal articles and conference papers:

Yaxley, H. 2012. Exploring the Origins of Careers in Public Relations, Public Relations Review, 38(3), 399-407. Paper presented at International History of Public Relations Conference, 2011,

Yaxley, H. 2012. From suffragettes to 21st century slut walks - women, PR dissent and protest. Dissent and Protest Public Relations seminar series at Bournemouth University

Yaxley, H. 2013. Career Experiences of Women in British Public Relations (1970-1989), Public Relations Review, 39 (156-165). Paper presented at International History of Public Relations Conference 2012

Yaxley. H. 2016. Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age: issues and implications of a visible insider. Paper presented at International History of Public Relations Conference.

Yaxley, H. 2017. Opening the box: a ‘pastpresents’ exploration of the archival fonds of a singular PR practitioner. Paper presented at International History of Public Relations Conference.

Yaxley, H. 2017. Why is career development neglected in public relations? Presentation at PR Moment conference: Why is there a talent crisis in public relations?

Connect with Heather on social media

Twitter: @greenbanana

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-yaxley-7a01323/

Blog: https://greenbanana.wordpress.com/ and www.prconversations.com