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I was more ten years in practice before I first stumbled over a PR textbook and discovered that trial and error had led to me doing things the ‘right’ way. It was frustrating that I (together with my clients and employers) had to work through all that error first.

With the zeal of the converted, I love theory – but only because theory and practice are two sides of the same coin.  Theory is the distillation of practice.  Top tip: if anybody talks to you about a theory and that person cannot give you an example of the theory in practice, they don’t understand that theory.

I’ve spent far too much time in public relations. The case for the defence is that I’ve done everything from starting a consultancy in a spare bedroom, through managing six figure budgets, to advising OPEC, NATO and the FCO.  When you attend an assessment day to become a chartered practitioner, you might well find I’m the lead assessor.

When I think about the leaders of our profession I come across, I find that they are equally comfortable counselling clients and managers as they are in an educational environment.

We are a social, engaging group of people.  I think teaching and training public relations should be informative – slaking a thirst for knowledge and understanding – but also enjoyable and interactive.

You might know that I am the co-author of Evaluating Public Relations and write the research and evaluation chapter in Exploring Public Relations.

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Evaluating Public Relations, co-author

Exploring Public Relations, chapter author, research and evaluation