Tim Morris BA Hons, Dip CIPR, MCIPR

What Tim says:

I most love being in the classroom teaching face-to-face, interacting with students and helping them to grasp academic concepts that they can use in their assignments or, better still, in their working lives.

With more than 25 years experience in the field of public relations, I decided a few years ago to turn my hand to sharing some of what I have learnt in the classroom.  I have also previously taught as an associate lecturer on the BA course in public relations at the University of the Arts, London.

I have worked for Sussex Police, the Parole Board for England & Wales, Surrey Police, the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Inland Revenue in a variety of public relations roles. I left the public sector a few years ago and went to work in consultancy, for Linstock Communications specialising in reputation management, media relations and behaviour change.

I now run my own small public relations consultancy, Rhetor Communications, working with clients across the IT, sustainability, property and financial services sectors. I have also recently taken up a part-time role as Director of Marketing at a tech start-up company, selling an innovative business continuity solution called Crises Control.

TIm’s qualifications:

Honours degree in politics from UEA

CIPR PR Diploma

What Tim has published:

On Behind the Spin, two chapters from a work-progress book on the history of PR.

One on propaganda and one on the origins of the press release that still among the most read blogs on the site.