Kirsty Bowen - Public Affairs

"I was slightly daunted about the prospect of studying Public Affairs – not only is it outside of my specialism (Internal Comms), it can also have some pretty dire consequences if it’s done badly! However, as part of the wider PG Cert in Corporate Communications accredited by the University of Chester, I’m pleased to say that the reality was not so scary. My eyes were opened to an interesting and very important communications discipline.

During the four-month module I learnt all sorts from the basics of defining public affairs, through the key players in the UK political spectrum, to putting together a proactive and multi-faceted public affairs strategy based on the current context of my organisation. It was that focus on my own organisation that added a relevance to the theory, and an understanding of how it can relate in different circumstances. And it was also interesting to consider the scenarios my fellow students faced, having to put what we were learning into practice in very different environments.

So why should you study Public Affairs? Because learning how your organisation can more effectively manage and influence issues, the future landscape and even its own brand gives you a greater understanding of its operating context and what can impact on its success. And no matter what your communications specialism or experience in Public Affairs, that can only be a good thing in making you more effective within your own role."

PR Academy now delivers the CIPR Specialist Diploma in Public Affairs.