Rosina Robinson - Public Relations Certificate and Diploma

When I left school I made the decision that I would embark on a career within the nuclear industry and not waste time at university when there was good money to be made.

Was it the right thing to do? I think for me, yes it was.  I wasn't in the right mind-set for more education, my ambition was to make a living and enjoy my life.

I got the job I wanted and I was at peace with my lot until that is these bright young things came with their degrees and overtook me on the pay scale which I wasn't too happy about.

It became important to me that the years of experience I had gathered was recognised.  I was a professional at what I did but had nothing to back that up.

I had no degree and I couldn't study full time, so what route could I take?  The PR Academy route, that's what.  I did my Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Advanced Certificate in PR (now the Professional PR Certificate) and when I'd completed that I did the PR Diploma which, being at Master’s level enabled me to become a Post Graduate student with Leeds Beckett University. I now have a Master's degree with Merit in Corporate Communications.

So, if you've gone the old fashioned route into your career like I did.  All is not lost.  Consider the PR Academy.  I'm so glad that I did.

Rosina Robinson, Communications Professional at Sellafield Ltd, Secretary of the West Cumbria Nuclear Sites Stakeholder Group 

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