Employee Engagement Research & Internal Communication Survey

Our Employee Engagement Research and Internal Communication Survey service is headed by our own Dr Kevin Ruck.  It specialises in communication audits, employee pulse surveys, focus groups, internal communications research, in-depth sentiment analysis and Kevin’s ICQ10 employee communication and engagement survey.

For some time, Kevin has been helping practitioners with research on an informal basis. It showed there was a need, so we have put together some simple and effective research packages.

Whether you want an alternative to the traditional annual engagement survey, a bespoke survey or some quick advice, we can help.

Kevin holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Research Methods and a PhD so you can be sure you are getting a product or advice that will really tell you what you need to know.

Getting your research right can make the difference between success and failure of your internal communication campaign. Our Employee Research and Survey Practice gives you the help you need to really understand your employees and design your communication to boost engagement.

ICQ10 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Survey

If you are fed up of the lengthy, expensive employee engagement survey then our simple but clever ICQ10 ten-question survey could be for you.

It helps you to understand the link between your internal communication and employee engagement.

Unlike many other surveys it shows you exactly what communication you need to do to boost engagement.

You’ll receive a full report and action plan showing you which aspects of internal communication to prioritise to boost employee engagement.

The ICQ10 can be run as a one-off survey or as a more regular pulse survey.

Results are bench-marked against established data in the industry do you know how you compare.

Employee Engagement Research Surgery

When you need to conduct some employee engagement research – perhaps to inform a new internal communication campaign – do you know what questions to ask? Or the best way to do it?

Its crucial to get it right, but that can be hard to do. A fresh pair of experienced eyes can help.  Book a surgery appointment with our Dr Kevin Ruck.

Surgeries are 60 minutes 90 minutes or two hours

Book a consultation call with Kevin and talk about:

  • Designing employee surveys: avoid pitfalls like double-barrelled questions
  • Organising focus groups: get the number and type of participants right
  • How to listen to employees: find out the best tools for listening
  • How to interpret the data you’ve got: use coding and clustering and avoid subjectivity

Employee Engagement Surveys and Pulse Surveys

Bespoke, pulse surveys either one-off or regularly.

Talk to us about understanding well-being, return to work, values, motivation, employee experience and employee engagement.

Our service includes a report and action plan, pointing you to the actions you need to take to achieve the outcomes that you want.


Sentiment analysis

Make sense of what employees are saying on your social media. This is an in-depth service to deliver real understanding – we just don’t count how many people said what.

When you are faced with a wealth of verbatim comments in a survey it can be overwhelming. The value of these comments comes from a detailed analysis to identify key themes. We take on that task for you.

The increased use of internal digital platforms generates volumes of useful employee discussions. Sentiment analysis can really help to identify common themes that lead to effective action planning.

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Would you like to find out how you can improve your employee research and surveys? Book a call with Georgie so she can understand your needs and how we can help.

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