Internal communicators - seize the day!

Internal communicators - seize the day!

Thanks to our friend and PR Academy Mike Wooles for flagging this article to us.  Lots of good points here about employees living the brand etc but it says that 'marketing and HR' are increasingly getting together to deliver it. Internal communciations gets a mention further down but I think this reads like this is all the responsibilty of marketing and/or HR - what do you think? Of course it is a marketing publication so there is going to be a focus on marketing...but even so....

It just makes me think that Internal Communciations is really going to have to seize the day if we arent going to get left in others' wake, stuck as the corporate post people.  As Quirke (2008:291) says: 

"There are areas of businesses which are quietly getting on with harnessing communication to change cultures, re-engineer processes and build their brands. However, the internal communication departments are often busy elsewhere, either missing the action or being kept out."