Measuring PR - why are we still having this conversation?

Measuring PR - why are we still having this conversation?

It was great to see a whole conference being devoted to measuring PR (PR Week 18 August) but I couldnt help wondering why we are still having the conversation.  I was heartened to read some common sense though, including that of Philip Sheldrake of Influence Crowd who - thanks goodness - emphasises the need to focus on outcomes. Forget how many followers you have on Twitter he says, it is the outcome that matters.

For me it comes down to having set appropriate, measurable objectives at the start.  And that is what I think a lot of PR folk can be quite bad at (and I have to confess to having been just as guilty in my time and a bit of a 'do as I say, not as I do' type!).  This is something that anyone who has studied the CIPR qualifications will have heard me and others on the team bang on about. They have probably also heard the story about how as a financial services PRO I had an objective to have two press lunches a week - nice work if you can get it! - but what was I meant to be achieveing through said lunches?!!

Planning our PR is all about getting the objectives right at the start. It means you dont spend time and money on tactics that dont deliver the results you need and measurement becomes a no-brainer because it is the objective you measure. Simple as that.