Should we get cross on air?

Should we get cross on air?

I loved an item on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme this week. While it may seem like one for sports fans, I think we could ask the same question of all our spokespeople - has media training gone too far and made everyone a bit bland?

The PM programme debated this in light of an interview with the manager of Blackpool  football club, Ian Holloway, who was very forthright in an interview with a sports reporter. 

You can listen to it  here  up until 17 November.  Just scroll along to 24 minutes and 50 seconds for the item within this one-hour programme.  I also loved it as the guy has such a fab Bristol accent - being a West Country girl myself, I always feel at home when I hear the dialect.  (Although I be a bit more Zumerzet than Brissle.)

Should we be more relaxed about our spokespeople getting a bit cross on air?  I would say not, I think the art of good media training is to keep your spokesperson on track but with a bit of personality. And lets face it, what might be good for 'back pages' may not cut it on the city pages. And what about accents? Love 'em or hate 'em?