Feeling good about the CIPR

Feeling good about the CIPR

I've been inspired by the CIPR this week....I was busy working away in the members' room at the CIPR PR Centre in Russell Square this week when Jane Wilson - the new CEO popped her head around the door.  Just a couple of days into her new role, she was quick to say hello and got straight on to asking us for our thoughts and views on facilities there for members.  Jane struck me as someone with bags of energy who really wants to engage with members.

I bumped into her again today at the CIPR Inside conference (she must think I get everywhere!).  CIPR Inside is the group for internal communicators and they had pulled together a top line up of speakers with more than 100 communicators there as delegates.  It was great to see so many PR Academy alumni there too. 

The secetor groups are a great way to network with people in the same field as you - so if you havent joined one, do sign up, its free! There are groups for everything from public affairs to education.  Check out the groups here.