About time ! Corporate comms gets on MBA agenda

About time ! Corporate comms gets on MBA agenda

This is something that we at PR Academy have been thinking for a while, so were delighted to see this initiative from the Public Relations Society of America that is getting corporate communication and reputation management on the curriculum of MBAs in the US.

We hear all the time how its all about reputation, reputation, reputation yet do our senior managers always understand what this means and how to achieve it?  Kevin from the PR Academy team - who holds an MBA - was amazed how this essential area of business practice was just skimmed over during his studies.

I remember writing at the time of the BP oil spill that if Tony Haywood of BP had a background in comms -or at least some grounding in it - things could have turned out very differently for him and for BP.  Turned out for the better that is.

And how many times on our PR and internal communication courses do we hear practitioners say that one of their biggest challenges is getting their senior team to understand their role. Think how  much more we could achieve as practitioners if our leaders and senior teams were a more 'intelligent' customer of our PR and communication service.  I think PR is a bit further ahead in terms of understanding, but I am not sure internal communication has got there yet - in fact our recent research found that practitioners of this discipline are often struggling to change attitudes up the line.

Do you hold an MBA - what content was there on reputation and communication? Is this something that we should campaign for in the UK?