Qualifications take you up the career ladder - official!

Qualifications take you up the career ladder - official!

Well, we always knew that our students go on to great things and that the confidence and gravitas that come with a qualification are partly the reason (its also of course cos our students are a great crowd anyway!) and now our first annual trend survey backs it up.

80% of those responding said that holding a professional quallification has led to career progression, or they are confident it will.  In addition, of  those surveyed 28% are operating with Director or “Head of” in their job titles. With most students choosing to study for professional qualifications when they are operating as Executives, Officers or Managers, these figures would also seem to support the link between qualifications and career progression. 

We asked some of the senior communicators with whom we have been working what they thought.  Steve Falla FCIPR, Director or Orchard PR told us that their people are committed to professionalism and their achievements will not be just academic but will help them to advance their careers.  Steve called the survey "revealing and timely", hoping that it will prompt those who are nervous about training budgets to find a smart solution that is not at the expense of up-skilling the PR workforce.

Simon MacDowall, Director of Communications and Marketing HM Revenue and Customs said that qualifications continue to play an important role in thier drive to improve professional communications standards at HMRC. He said that their experience suggests that staff gaining qualifications benefit from higher levels of both knowledge and confidence. As a  result they are better placed to provide strategic communications advice that, in turn, leads to better business outcomes. He added that it is very important to keep qualifications on the agenda, particularly when resources are under pressure and this survey is one of the ways we can do that.

A big THANK YOU to all students past and present that took part in the survey for us. Coverage in Communicate Magazine here.