Still a long way to go to convince our managers about social media?

Still a long way to go to convince our managers about social media?

Nevousness on the part of senior managers is the main blocker to using social media for internal communication. That’s the finding of our quick survey.

In advance of our next Social Media for Internal Communication training day and the launch of our new course on digital communication, we wanted to find out what challenges internal communicators are facing in implementing social media.

40% said that senior managers being nervous of it was the top one.  The limitations of organisations’ IT was an issue for nearly 15%. Other barriers included the need for a better understanding of social media and concerns that the culture might not be right. Some thought that employees simply weren’t media savvy enough to embrace it.

In a challenge to managers, one respondent said:  “The thought that staff will abuse the system or that you will read things you don't want to is completely out-weighed by the benefits that can be achieved by using it properly.”  More positive comments came from another respondent who said: “I have been surprised at how well adopted social media tools have become. It's becoming a key method for internal communication whether people like it or not.”

Time was an issue for some and there is also perhaps a feeling that one ‘should be doing it’; this was articulated by one respondent who said: “Not using social media is like my guilty secret.  I know I should be doing it; I just need to make the time to make it happen!” 

Generally, respondents were keen that social media was introduced in a planned way rather than just jump in: “You have to have the staff, knowledge and strict guidelines before social media is introduced.”  And: “We need to establish it's worth and if our audience would be receptive to this channel as opposed to another.” 

How does your organisation feel about social media – is it embracing it or still cautious?