Not all Guardian readers are cappuccino drinkers then!

Not all Guardian readers are cappuccino drinkers then!

In the past week or so, UK based newspaper The Guardian has increased in price from £1 to £1.20 each week day. Thats a big rise.  I could write about the challenges facing the print media but what actually struck me was the justification for the increase penned by editor Alan Rushbridger. Now, being a Guardian reader myself I thought he made some fair points, but then he mentioned that frothy coffee.... What he said was: "We do think that £2.10 on Saturday and £1.20 during the week is good value for a serious, internationalist newspaper such as the Guardian. A daily cappuccino now sets you back between £1.80 and £2.05."  Well, some people weren't too sure about this and felt it was all a bit 'North London' and pretty meaningless to those who wouldnt dream of spending that sort of money on a coffee. 

So at that point he sort of lost the argument with a lot of readers which is a shame. It showed to me that you really need to know your audience (but then perhaps he does as I am a sucker for an expensive, organic milk, fresh ground latte...). The idea was a good one - relate the price to something we don't think twice about, unfortunately this perhaps wasnt the best thing.

While the approach was sound, it didnt quite work for all audiences - its a challenge all us communicators face and just shows how hard it can be to get it right!