Survival of the adaptable

Survival of the adaptable

We often think that survival is about being the fittest or the strongest but it was Charles Darwin who said that survival is about adapting to change. According to Darwin “it’s not the strong that survive, it’s not the intelligent that survive, it’s the people that respond to change”.  I came across the quote when I was reading the work that PR Academy student Elizabeth Maclean had done for our Digital Communication Certificate.

And while Darwin would probably never have imagined a world connected by digital media, as Elizabeth points out, his statement could have been written for today.

So what has this got to do with PR and communication? Well, who better to help organisations understand the environment around them and the thoughts and feelings of their stakeholders?  It applies just as much to internal communication, both employer and employee need to be able to adapt to change and someone needs to facilitate those conversations.

Its a theme that runs through all of our courses, the idea that PR and communication functions are there to prompt and manage genuine two way communication that leads to mutual understanding and sometimes to change.

You can read Elizabeth's discussion of digital communication here, she used John Lewis (I love John Lewis!) as a great example of this ability to adapt to the digital media age.

Elizabeth's digital communication paper