Employers maintain commitment to funding professional qualifications for communicators

Employers maintain commitment to funding professional qualifications for communicators

Good news! The latest edition of our ‘Qualifications for Communicators: Trends Survey’ suggests that, despite the prolonged difficult economic climate, employers are continuing to provide funding for professional qualifications for communicators.

We first introduced the Trends Survey last year to find out more about the status of our students and their views on professional qualifications for communicators.

In our second ‘Qualifications for Communicators: Trends Survey’ – released today – 66% of respondents indicate that they have funding for qualifications available through their employer. While up only one percentage point on last year’s 65%, this is a reassuring sign that communications professional qualifications continue to be valued by employers.

Once again, we asked some of the senior communicators with whom we work what they thought.

Here is what they had to say:

Sally Sykes FCIPR, HSE Communications Director and CIPR President 2012:

“It is important that practitioners at all levels pursue professional qualifications (up to the highest level of CIPR Chartered Practitioner) so that, over time, we raise the bar in giving consistently good strategic advice to our clients and businesses. The PR Academy survey is a really good way of tracking the take up and impact of professional qualifications"

Steve Falla FCIPR, Director or Orchard PR:

“From the conversations that I have with peers I’m pleasantly surprised that the findings of the survey read so positively. It’s tough in the consultancy world. At Orchard, we remain committed to budgeting for training, even if it’s at the expense of investment elsewhere, and we expect that our new entrants into the PR profession will sign up to study for CIPR qualifications. It broadens their thinking, sharpens their skills and raises their expectations to learn the theory while working very hard at the practice.”

The survey also includes information about the students’ education, the sector they mostly work in, why they are studying for a professional qualification and whether they think holding a professional qualification has or will lead to career progression.

We would like to thank the 154 people who participated in the study – and hope you find the results of interest.  You can read it here.  See the coverage in CorpComms here.

About the research

The survey was conducted online using Survey Monkey in December 2011. The results are based on 154 respondents – all are past and present students of PR Academy.