Measurement and evaluation are in the air

Measurement and evaluation are in the air

Measurement and evaluation have been well and truly in the air this past week. The @pracademy Twitter feed was alive with info from two top conferences on the topic and last week also saw the launch of a brand new course in the subject.  I think this shows just how much more seriously communicators are taking the subject and realising that we need smart ways to prove our worth.

Certainly we are already seeing lots of interest in the new International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation that we are running on behalf of AMEC from this autumn.  And much of that interest is coming from communicators  - not just measurement specialists.

Have you noticed an increased interest? If so, does this go hand in hand with a demand from our clients (be they internal or external) or are us practitioners leading the way?

This week AMEC ( the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication)  held its annual conference in Dublin (#amec2012) and in London there was a half day summit on measuring internal communication (#ciprinside).

Kevin Ruck from PR Academy is chair of CIPR Inside and also chaired the summit.  He said thekey themes coming through were the need for measurement in real-time and doing it regularly.  As we teach on all our courses, there was agreement that the focus should be on outcomes and the key was the analysis of the data - not the data itself.  I saw lots of calls on Twitter for an internal comms take on the Barcelona Principles. It was felt that these were quite focused on external communication.

As a reminder the Barcelona Principles are:

    1. Goal setting and measurement are fundamental aspects of any PR programmes.


    1. Media measurement requires quantity and quality – cuttings in themselves are not enough.


    1. Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) do not measure the value of PR and do not inform future activity.


    1. Social media can and should be measured.


    1. Measuring outcomes is preferred to measuring media results.


    1. Business results can and should be measured where possible.


    1. Transparency and Replicability are paramount to sound measurement.

There was also agreement for the need for action as a result of any evaluation to be built into plans from the outset.

If you were at either AMEC2012 or the CIPR Inside Measurement Summit, do share what you took away from the events with us here.