Inspired by the simply-summit

Inspired by the simply-summit

PR Academy alumni, Marsha Vanmoorsel went along to the simply-summit courtesy of our good friends at Simply Communicate. 

Marsha told us:  'As a new entrant in the field of internal communications and having recently completed the CIPR Internal Communications Certificate, I was really excited to attend the simply-summit where one of the speakers was an author of one of my textbooks. To hear John Smythe speak really reinforced my learning and also set the tone for the rest of the day.

'The set up of the day was also quite fun. On arrival we were each given an ipod, which we could use to vote on issues and to ask questions through out the day.  Each table had three Ipads on them, two for looking close up at the powerpoint on the main screen and the other to look at Storify.  As much of the day was focused on social media it was useful to see it in practice at this event.

' The main things that I have taken away from the simply-summit is the realization that I really need to up my game when it comes to using tools like Twitter, to not be afraid to take risks or make mistakes and to have a sense of humour.'

I was interested in Marsha's comment about using social media and not being afraid to make mistakes - this was one of the key messages from the Public Relations Society of America conference on social media back in early April.  Several of the speakers talked about this and made that point that if you handle a mistake well you should be OK. One example was someone who sent a personal Tweet from the corporate Twitter account while at a party - you can imagine the type of content ! Anyway it was spotted really quickly and they followed up with a Tweet acknowledging the mistake and delivering a light hearted, but responsible message. The other key point made was that this worked because the organisation - I think it was the Red Cross - had a good reputation so was less likely to get attacked for it. Just shows how reputation becomes ever more important in a social media world.

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