Meet our internal communication diploma bursary winner

Meet our internal communication diploma bursary winner

We awarded two bursaries this year towards studying our CIPR face-to-face courses. Last week we found out more about the recipient of our CIPR Public Affairs Diploma bursary. This week we discover how the winner of our CIPR Internal Communications Diploma bursary, Lynda Knight, Communications Manager for the Post Office, got started in internal communications and what she loves most about her job….

Lynda, How did you get started in internal communications?

Lynda: I started my internal communications career at Egg where I was given the amazing opportunity by my manager, Jenni Rodgers, to deliver internal communications within our head office in London. Internal communications was managed from our Derby office and there was a need to ensure that the Egg ‘story’ cascaded through to our London office, which is where I came in.  I had a good grasp of the audience and was influential enough to make the changes we needed to engage people.

What has been the most important learning experience of your career so far?

Lynda: Never assume! This is the most important learning experience I have had in my career.  Never assume that everyone is a good communicator. I think communications is a real learning experience and not something that comes naturally to some people.  It’s about working with people to find their comfort zone and style, and making sure that this comes across in their communications. Putting someone under pressure to communicate in a certain way because it’s their role is not the best approach for the audience.

What do you most love about your job?

Lynda: The thing I love the most about my job is being able to make a difference to how leaders communicate within organisations. Sometimes working practices can get in the way of doing the right thing for people. My job is about coaching and supporting leaders to get out and communicate meaningful and relevant messages at the right time in their style.

Why have you chosen to undertake a professional qualification?

Lynda: With more than eight years’ experience of working with many different organisations I feel that I have a breadth of experience. Now I need to work on the depth of my experience. I know that a professional qualification will give me a different set of frameworks and tools that I can take into any organisation that I work for. I also know that it will allow me to take a different approach to my work, and will make me be a more rounded and confident communicator.

What’s the best work-related publication/book you’ve ever read and why?

Lynda:  The five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni. It really helps to identify different personalities within teams and provides insight on how to work more effectively together. It’s a really easy, quick read and highly recommended.

Thanks Lynda - hope you have a great time on the course!