Internal Social Media: Enterprise 2.0, 3.0 and beyond

Internal Social Media: Enterprise 2.0, 3.0 and beyond

That's the title of the all-new chapter on social media  in the second edition of our book Exploring Internal Communication which launches soon.  The chapter has been authored by Tracy Playle of Pickle Jar Communications.  One of the themes of Tracy's chapter is how the internal communicator gets buy in from senior managers.  She has some sound advice including: start with the business need (of course), conduct a risk analysis, provide examples and pilot.

Tracy will be leading our next social media for internal communication training day on 1 November in central London, so if social media is something you are considering for internal audiences, or something you have in place and want to make more of, there is still time to book a place. (There is a 10% discount for PR Academy alumni and members of CIPR Inside)

Meanwhile,  why not share your experiences of social media in the work place? We would love to hear your views and experiences, just post below. Oh, and look out for the book launching very soon!