How PR trumps marketing and advertising

How PR trumps marketing and advertising

Of course us PR people have always known that haven't we!  Seriously though, in my view there has never been a more exciting time to work in PR, so I was interested so see a new book "Rethinking Reputation - how PR trumps marketing and advertising in the new media world".

The book offers a collection of case studies - some familiar (BP, Johnson and Johnson, Exxon), some less so.  Each case study has something to tell us about how to do it, or how not to do it.  The theme is that good PR is about transparency and relationship building - something that PR is best placed to drive.   The authors include President Clinton and Apple's Steve Jobs to illustrate why spin is "antithetical to professional public relations".

The message here for me is that PR practitioners in the UK (the authors are US-based) must sieze the opportunities that the social media environment presents us - before others in the organisation do.  The boundaries between disciplines are blurring and PR with its focus on relationships and reputation is often best placed to take the lead.  Here at PR Academy, we are observing a shift towards communicators becoming multi-disciplinary (its part of the rationale for our new Executive Communication Development Programme).

Of course for some practitioners, convincing their organisations and clients that the 'new PR' is different can be challenging and I think that this is where this book can really add value.  The stories told here are powerful examples of the benefits of good PR through two-way communication that are hard to ignore - we can use them to make our case for us.