Is your organisation ready to use social media for internal comms?

Is your organisation ready to use social media for internal comms?

In her chapter on using social media for internal comms in Exploring Internal Communication, Tracy Playle  makes the point that you need to consider your audience when thinking about using social media. This seems obvious, right? After all, every good communicator knows that the starting point for every communication is the intended audience. In reality, however, we still too often get carried away by the need to communicate and to use the latest channels. We don’t stop to think about whether they are the most appropriate channels to use or will hit a chord with our target audience.

Audience is only one consideration, however. Tracy continues by telling us that we also need to think about a few other things as well before we ‘go social’:

    •  Are team members currently using social technologies? Knowing this will help you to understand how ready they are to embrace them at work.
    • What are people’s attitudes to privacy? Understanding this will help you understand what online activities they will consider acceptable.
    • Who has access to technology? If access to technology isn’t equal, you risk alienating some people from some communications.
    • Is yours an open organisation that invites ideas and feedback on projects and strategy? If not, it is unlikely that team members will feel confident about expressing ideas and opinions online.

Answering the above questions will serve as a checklist and help you to 1) understand if your organisation is ready to use social media for internal comms and 2) to devise the best way to introduce social media.

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