How do you get management buy in for using social media?

How do you get management buy in for using social media?

It’s all about taking “baby steps” according to Tracy Playle of Picklejar Communications, author of the ‘Internal social media’ chapter in Exploring Internal Communication.

For Tracy, a common mistake with implementing social technologies is to try to run before you can walk. You need to take into account how ready your organisation is for using them and its culture. The more 'closed' and inclined towards 'command and control' style communications your organisation is, the less ready it will be.

It isn’t just about the team’s willingness to embrace social technologies (see my blog titled ‘Is your organisation ready to use social media for internal comms?’) but the leaders of the organisation too – and they have very different concerns.

Tracy suggests considering a number of factors in order to establish management buy in:

    • Start with business needs and ensure your social media plans are closely aligned to these. Every comms activity should relate to the overall business strategy and vision


    • Conduct a risk analysis and demonstrate that you have considered management’s concerns around relinquishing control of communications and giving a platform to potentially negative comments about the organisation. Show them you have found solutions where possible


    • Understand people’s attitudes towards social media and tailor your arguments for using it to your audience


    • Communicate the benefits of using social media, how it will make their lives better and can help the business. Use case studies to show how other organisations and departments have used social technologies and provide proven results


    • Run small-scale pilot projects to help them visualise the potential and benefits of using social technologies


    • And remember to be patient. It’s all about taking baby steps.

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