New leadership programme for communicators launches

New leadership programme for communicators launches

PR Academy has launched a brand new leadership programme for communicators.  Inspired by research that identified leadership as a key development area for practitioners, PR Academy has put together a strong team to lead this residential programme to be held over three days in central London.

The PR Academy Leadership Programme for Communicators is launched

PR Academy director Ann Pilkington said:  "Leadership isn't just about leading a team  - that is key of course - but our programme acknowledges that it is also about being able to lead the organisation from a communication perspective.   This means being able to influence, evidence and talk the language of the business.

"We are thrilled to have such a great team on the programme - Professor Anne Gregory is our special guest alongside our good friend Tom Crawford who will be known to many of our internal communication students and Caroline Black a highly experienced practitioner and leadership trainer."

More information about the programme here.  Read our blog on why leadership matters here.