Building a PR career

Building a PR career

When our CIPR Advanced Certificate student Katy Davies, Regional Communications Assistant at Macmillan Cancer Support, told us that her confidence at work had grown as a result of studying for the Advanced Certificate, we were really pleased. Katy didn’t start out in PR – her degree is in architecture! So we were keen to find out how the course has helped her in her new chosen career of public relations.

We asked Katy how she got into PR, she told us...

After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a BA (Hons) in Architecture I took a different path to work in marketing administration. I then worked as an events intern at a record label before joining Macmillan Cancer Support’s fundraising events team. I now work in the regional communications team promoting campaigns and services across London, Anglia and the South East.

Why are you studying for the Advanced Certificate?

I felt that the Advanced Certificate could give me a really good grounding in PR theory, as well as the opportunity to network and learn from students working in other sectors. Also, I wanted to really get to know my chosen career.

What have you learnt so far?

The new media aspect to the course is really cutting edge stuff. I’ve learnt more about PR's role in the boardroom and how to apply theory in real life too. So far we’ve covered topics like professionalism and ethics, and future challenges for PR.

Has anything you’ve learnt while studying for the Advanced Certificate surprised you?

Working for a large well-known charity, it has been an eye opener finding out about issues faced by peers working in other fields such as crisis management, or for different types of organisation.  Also, it has been interesting to discover how broad PR really is – how it includes internal comms, public affairs and corporate social responsibility.

How has studying for the course impacted you and/or your work?

The course has given me the confidence to trust my own instincts, as well as new skills to contribute to the team. I’ve been able to be much more creative in the way I work and I don’t think this would have happened if I hadn’t done the course. Better still, studying PR has confirmed that it is definitely the right career path for me.

Thank you to Katy for taking the time to talk to us. Follow Katy and her team on Twitter:  @MacPRSouth_East

For more information on the Advanced Certificate, go here. Autumn dates to be announced soon.