Learning - it can change your life

Learning - it can change your life

Maud Davis leads our CIPR Advanced Certificate in PR courses. She is passionate about helping her students to learn and grow, but she is also a learner herself. Maud is always learning new skills......she told me why.....

"I’m an activist style learner. Like a curious puppy, I love sniffing out any opportunity to learn by experiencing something new.

Maud Davis, PR Academy

A few weeks ago I completed an NLP Diploma course and have used the knowledge and skills gained in my mentoring and teaching and it’s helped me think through my own career progression.

I also like to keep up-to-date with the latest social media tools too (am currently loving BuzzSumo and Flipagram), so I attended a ‘How to make your own Vine’ when at a recent London College of Communication conference on ‘PR and the visual’.

For me, learning is about ‘having a go’ at something and then reflecting and adapting until I get better at it.

In January, I joined a swimming class to learn how to do the front crawl properly (up until then I was a breast stroke only swimmer). I loved the novelty of trying to breathe without spluttering, to move my legs and arms in a different way. And I learned to do this through receiving some instruction, having a go, reflecting on the instructor’s feedback and then having a go again.

But not everything I learn involves such a hands-on approach otherwise I’d be closing myself off to learning opportunities that arise in everyday life by exploring theoretical concepts, observing others, reading case histories, listening to others’ experiences and discussing challenges.

My expertise is mainly in the food sector and in the past year, I’ve opened myself to different learning opportunities and gained useful knowledge on government communications, business/ enterprise and global communications.

We might all learn differently but if we open ourselves to new learning opportunities it enables us to move forward in our life.

I see this in my PR Academy classes because many students get promoted, are given greater responsibilities at work or move into a stronger PR position during their studies. On Saturday, I asked a class what they have gained most from the eight months so far and the most common answers were ‘confidence’ gained mostly through official know-how and an appreciation of ‘how far reaching public relations is’.

I’m looking forward to welcoming around 50 new students onto the CIPR Advanced Certificate course in October – some will join the face to face course, others will learn on the online course. I have no idea what they’ll be looking to get out of the course but one thing seems certain – they’ll move forward in their lives in some way.

As for me – well, I’m also an ‘experiential’ learner, so I’ll learn by being with them on their own learning journey."

Maud has her own website too where she blogs and shares PR advice.