The election campaign: The longest final furlong but gripping stuff?

The election campaign: The longest final furlong but gripping stuff?

In the run up to the election, we thought it would be good to get a few different perspectives on the PR and communication aspects and during the coming week we will be hearing from two of our former students.


But first, what was the view of BBC Radio 5 live’s Chief Political Correspondent John Pienaar when he came to our Course Awards recently?

John Pienaar from Radio 5 live at our recent course awards event.

Having covered every election since 1983, John’s insight was fascinating. In fact, he used the word “fascinating” himself to describe the times we find ourselves in.


He also suggested that this could be the “longest final furlong” of any election, but conceded that it really only feels like this to him because he’s impatient for the end – for polling day and what happens after that. He did assure us that, whatever else, this election is going to be gripping.


According to John, for anyone working in media it is a particularly interesting time. But for those in the PR business of image and message management it is Christmas. That’s because we’re in the phase of the election when it is all about messaging and the opinion polls, which so far indicate no real clear lead for anyone. While the Conservatives’ message is steady-as-she-goes, Labour is banging home the message that the government is not working and that the long-term economic plan is not fair. There is a lot of speculation about backstage talks and deals too. We could also end up with several national party leadership elections going on at the same time, for whoever fails to become the next PM could well find their job on the line. Fascinating times indeed.


Look out from our next blogs from guests Steve Harman and Sandeep Shah.