Social media for internal communication – can you manage it?

Social media for internal communication – can you manage it?

Using social media for internal communication is on the syllabus for both the CIPR Internal Comms Certificate and Diploma courses. We are lucky to have Nick Crawford from Better Working come along to run this session for us and on his most recent visit he left my Certificate class pondering the role of community management.

Nick Crawford of Better Working

Many in my group were working with internal social media but with varying degrees of success. One of Nick’s key points was the importance of community management and as it turns out – if a quick poll of the group is anything to go by – many organisations are missing a trick here.

Getting the conversation going and championing the channel internally are roles for the community manager so it is no wonder when the role is absent that the conversation fails to flow and many senior people  in the organisation aren’t quite sure what it is there for.

We discussed whether internal comms will evolve into community management. There were differing views. Some could see this happening, others felt that in their organisation this is a role that would sit within the business itself, rather than internal comms.

One interesting point that came up was the term itself, in particular use of the word “management”.  A few felt that this would give some in the organisation the impression that the channel could be “managed” in the traditional sense of the word, for example, content being vetted before appearing. However, we struggled to come up with a better term but as Nick pointed out on our subsequentTwitter conversation about it afterwards, the term is pretty well established.

What are you experiences of community management for internal social media? What has worked and what hasn’t?