Our PR MOOC is one year old!

Our PR MOOC is one year old!

It is exactly one year since we launched our free PR MOOC (massive open online course). In the past year 1316 people have signed up for the course.

Our completion rate is pretty high too.  The most recent course (which had more than 300 participants) had a completion rate of 16 per cent- well above the average which is often reported as only being around 7 per cent.

We launched the MOOC because we wanted more people to learn about PR and understand that it is about a lot more than "spin".  PR sometimes gets a bad name and we wanted to address that. We hope that we have been able to do so and that some will be inspired to make the move into PR, feel more confident in an existing PR role or inspired to further study.

Our MOOC is a combination of videos (filmed in the TV studios where we have our home), exercises, forum discussions and guided reading and learning is assessed through a series of quizzes. 

Maud Davis in Maidstone TV Studios recording videos for our PR MOOC

One of our most recent graduates said: "Thank you everyone at the PR Academy for this wonderful and engaging MOOC. Although I already work in PR, it is a long time since I have refreshed my skills and I am now clear in which areas I need to improve."

So, happy birthday to our PR MOOC and thank you to everyone who has taken part so far.