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SEO for PR 8-Week Course
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About this course

This course equips you with the knowledge you need to integrate your PR and SEO work effectively and build high performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns with confidence.

Make your PR skills more valuable by learning how to apply SEO strategy and implementation into your PR activity.

You’ll learn current SEO and content promotion techniques that will get you more SEO traffic, backlinks and brand exposure. The course will be of value if you work in-house or agency.

During the course you will learn:

  • The importance of an integrated SEO and PR strategy
  • How to rank more highly in Google, and get more traffic
  • How to implement SEO best practice on your website, in your content and link building
  • How to set objectives and KPIs and measure performance
  • How to pull it all together to create a robust SEO/PR strategy that achieves your goals


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Weekly challenges

Study: 2-3 hours a week

Duration: 8 weeks

Pay by card or invoice

Course Features

Learn at your own pace

Unlimited tutor support

Weekly live webinars, recorded for playback any time

Final assessment: Multiple choice quiz with badge and certificate for course completion

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What are the course fees?*

Course fees: £990 (+VAT)


*VAT will be calculated upon enrolment depending on your location and situation.



29 March 2021


Who’s this course for?

PR and communication practitioners. You may be working in a PR or communication role and want to develop your expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and digital communication as part of your strategic communication.

Not just for PR. If you have responsibility for SEO as a consultant or in-house in a related field such as digital marketing this course will help you to make your SEO and digital PR more effective.

Update your CV. Add an SEO qualification to your CV and show that your knowledge is up to date. Get a digital button that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Course Details:

The course consists of 8 modules covering topics including keyword research strategies, content marketing for SEO and PR, on-page SEO, link building and developing your SEO PR strategy.

Download the course brochure below for a full breakdown of the modules covered.


Learning outcomes

Learn to plan, create, monitor, measure and evaluate SEO and PR campaigns that will help your organisation increase website traffic and achieve its strategic objectives.

Develop your knowledge of SEO so that you can discuss and manage the factors involved in the implementation of SEO/PR and Content Marketing activity with confidence.

Understand what people are searching for and how to create a successful data-driven content strategy.

Get to grips with industry changes, best practice and emerging technologies, SEO, PR and Content Marketing strategies. Understand the transformative impact of aligning your SEO and PR activity to grow your website traffic and conversions.

Apply what you learn. This course provides weekly challenges with worksheets and templates so that you can apply what you learn as you go, to solidify your understanding.

Assignments can be based on a real work-related project which is great for employers, showing the practical relevance of the course.

Download our course brochure for all the course details including:

  • Full syllabus
  • Assignment details
  • Key dates
  • Reasons to study

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Why study SEO for PR?

Update your skills. Demonstrate that you can make SEO an effective part of your public relations practice. Learn to use it strategically to the benefit of your organisation or clients.

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Neil Cains - Tutor

Meet your course tutor Neil Cains

Neil is the Digital Director, and Co-Founder of digital marketing consultancy, Focus Mode.

Neil has over 16 years’ experience with SEO and has provided consultancy to global brands like IBM, Dell, Sony, and Reuters. Focus Mode is PR Academy’s digital marketing partner, including SEO services.

As a public affairs professional, I know that digital is an increasingly important aspect of the political communications mix. It’s vital that practitioners of all disciplines get to grips with this ever-changing landscape and how it can best be used to manage organisational reputation and build meaningful relationships with online stakeholders. I would recommend a digital course to anyone who wants to add a truly valuable string to their bow.

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This is a practical course with weekly tasks to solidify learning, and have real-world application. There is no formal qualification provided with this course. A digital badge is awarded for completing the course, that can be shared on social media and displayed on LinkedIn or other platforms.
You will be given weekly challenges to solidify your learning, and there will be a multiple-choice quiz at the end. You need to get an 80% mark to pass the course and receive the certificate/badge of completion.
The course will be delivered by Neil Cains, who is the Digital Director, and Co-Founder of digital marketing consultancy, Focus Mode. Neil has over 16 years' experience with SEO and has provided consultancy to global brands like IBM, Dell, Sony, and Reuters. Focus Mode is PR Academy's digital marketing partner, including SEO services.
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