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 'The PR Masterclass' by Alex Singleton
'The PR Masterclass' by Alex Singleton

This is an article by Danielle Ricketts.   

Alex Singleton’s new book The PR Masterclass gives advice to students and public relations professionals on “How to Develop a Public Relations Strategy That Works”.

Singleton tackles a topic, which you would expect to have been covered repeatedly by ex-journalists but surprisingly The PR Masterclass is one of the very few to focus on how to successfully deliver a PR strategy.

Alex Singleton is a world-renowned public relations practitioner who has experience of working with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Kellogs and Virgin Atlantic. Singleton’s PR career stems from his previous journalist roles in both the UK newspaper and magazine industries. He has worked at The Daily Telegraph, written for The Guardian, and appeared on the BBC, Sky News and CNN, just to name a few.”

It is clear that Singleton’s experience of both public relations and journalism enhances the credibility of his PR advice as he has knowledge of how journalists work first hand. In the chapter, ‘How to Develop a Story Idea that Is Newsworthy’ it focuses on ‘The perspective of the journalist’ which gives PR people, without familiarity of journalism, a great insight into their view and emphasises the need to make your PR strategy relevant to the journalists readers.

The book also offers PR experts or beginners advice on how to grab the attention of the media when writing press releases and how to build contacts with journalists.

The PR Masterclass is an easy-to-read book with its conversational nature and clear structure. The book is a great guide that can easily be referred back to again and again.

The book finishes by pointing you in the right direction of other useful resources such as other books to read and recommended website, including Behind the Spin!