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Course introduction

UoC Social Media and Digital Communication Management

This practical short course, which is now accredited by the University of Chester (UoC), will show you how to use social media tools more effectively, develop engaging content, take a more strategic approach to social media and prepare for a crisis online.

Continually updated to keep pace with evolving technology and emerging trends, the course is taught through a series of webinars with subject matter experts. You will be encouraged to draw on your own practice and to use what you learn on the course at work building your confidence and benefiting your clients and employers.

Complete the UoC Social Media and Digital Communication Management course successfully and you will receive credits towards the UoC Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Communication. Find out more.

Read Course Leader Heather Yaxley’s blog on social media trends.

    27 March 2017
    Eight weeks
  • LEVEL:
    Taught at degree level
    Online via a series of webinars

Course Syllabus

  • The evolution of social media – exploring the trends and changes and looking at what might happen next
  • The impact of media convergence – learn about citizen journalism and stakeholder activism on public relations, marketing, advertising, web/digital and customer service
  • Social media research, strategy and planning – get introduced to social media strategy and planning models
  • Audience profiling – learn to profile different audiences and understand how they engage with social media
  • Tools and technologies – find out about using digital communications and social media tools, technologies and platforms for improved stakeholder engagement
  • Content types – explore how to develop audience-centred content and the role of owned, third-party and user-generated content
  • Crisis communication – learn about using digital communications and social media tools, technologies and platforms for issues management and for times of organisational crisis
  • Measurement and evaluation – find out how to monitor, measure and evaluate the impact of social media activities
  • Reflection – critically reflect on social media and digital communications practice

Course Tutors

Heather Yaxley

Heather Yaxley

Heather says that she is proud to be a “hybrid academic-educator-consultant-practitioner”.

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Stuart Bruce FCIPR

Stuart Bruce FCIPR

Stuart Bruce is an international PR adviser and trainer, recognised as a pioneer in modernised public relations including digital corporate communications, online PR, digital public affairs and lobbying, and corporate social media.

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