Kelly Cooper, Change Management and Communication

’I thoroughly enjoyed the Change Management and Communication course which exceeded my expectations in many respects. The modules covered were well structured and the materials provided and content explored was both interesting and informative. The flexibility of the online delivery meant I could learn at my own pace, therefore incorporate the time required into my already busy life without becoming too bogged down.

The real bonus was access to the course tutors, who I found to be highly experienced professionals in the field. They were very engaging, supportive and willing to share their own knowledge and experience and could answer any queries (explaining reason in a clear and easy to understand way).

The learning portal was well designed, easy to navigate.

PRCA Change Management and Communication

This course has produced real learning for me that I can now not only take away and apply to my work but that I can continue to build and reflect on. My eyes have been opened to the perspective of others in the field and the value of critical thinking, research and reflective learning practice.

Kelly Cooper