Lateefah Jean-Baptiste, Foundation in PR

Before starting the course I was really nervous. I hadn’t studied, written an essay or embarked on any sort of academic course since I graduated just over five years ago.

I had also never done any sort of online learning. However, the PR Academy website makes it easy to access your readings week by week, and after week one all my fears about online learning disappeared. In addition to this, I was able to easily communicate with my course leader and other students.

I know for many of us going back into learning can be difficult, but after I got over all my initial fears I ended up really enjoy the course. I would definitely recommend the Foundation in PR course for PR professionals who are looking to make a transition from an entry to a more senior-level role.

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This course has definitely made me a better PR professional as I now feel more confident when planning and executing plans/campaigns.

Lateefah Jean-Baptiste

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