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Don’t take our word for how much our students get from studying with PR Academy – see what they say…

William Church

“I joined the CIPR when the Channel Islands branch set up at the end of 2008 and was then part of the first cohort of Channel Islanders that signed up to study the CIPR Diploma with the PR Academy in 2010/11.
The Diploma gives practitioners an excellent grounding in PR theory, and I certainly benefited from it as it helps to bring structure to a lot of projects in the work place.

Having successfully completed the Diploma I immediately signed up to the CIPR CPD programme with a view to upgrading to Accredited Practitioner which I duly did, and since then have continued on a path of professional development as I believe that it enriches me, keeps me abreast with new topics and ways of communicating with different publics, as well as preparing me for challenges that face the industry.

The next logical step on this pathway was to get Chartered, and I achieved this earlier in the summer following an Assessment day at CIPR headquarters in London.

I fully support continual professional development, believe that everybody practising in the industry should be a member of the CIPR, and should in turn strive to raise standards and at the same time raise the profile of the institute. The future of the industry is in our hands, and the Diploma is a perfect springboard for practitioners to move forwards and upwards.”

Marie Crowder Dixon

“The course (MOOC – Introduction to PR) is great for beginners and those who are seasoned. There is something for everyone to learn. I was very enthusiastic throughout the training.

I started the course pretty late and I was concerned about completing on time.
The course and content was so informative and interesting that I finished early. This course was a priority in my life for the last few weeks.

The videos were also very well put together and informative. Ms. Maud Davis’ delivery was excellent, demonstrating her knowledge and flair for the topics discussed. She is a great speaker with superb appeal.

I will look into the Social Media and Digital Communications Certificate.”

Elizabeth, Canada

“This course (MOOC – Introduction to PR)  provided me some answers and forced me to look for other answers on my own (always a good thing in my books!). I’ve already started using things I’ve learnt in my new job as a Content Marketing Manager in a company with no PR rep…some things are falling to me and I am loving every minute of it!! Thanks again for this great course! I will be telling my friends and colleagues about it!”

Teresa Roberts – Head of Communications, Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited

“The CIPR Diploma was a very positive experience and has added a lot to my knowledge of PR, giving me increased confidence in my role. I decided very early on that the online course was best for me to balance work, home and study. I did have some reservations about how it would feel to study in this way, but it actually worked very well. The webinars were very interactive, I could connect with my fellow students via the Common Room message board, and the online experience was supplemented by a useful couple of days face-to-face teaching. The PR Academy tutors were knowledgeable and helpful, and the course content was very interesting, particularly the more theoretical elements. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone wanting to enhance their expertise.”

Caroline Fox – Policy Manager, Food and Drink Federation

“I just wanted to thank you for all your support throughout the Public Affairs Diploma course. I got a distinction for my assignment so I am very happy. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others. It has given me a new confidence which I hope to leverage in my role.”

Valdas Kaminskas – Press Officer, Lithuanian Ministry of Interior

“I just stepped into the position of press officer at the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior. There is no doubt that my diploma helped me to get the job and I hope it will help with this in the future. Back to PR Academy, let me assure you that I am more than keen on studying at PR Academy. The Diploma course – and your PR school in a wider sense – gave me a lot, as well as a better understanding of what PR is and how it works. All you need is to train your lecturers and tutors to speak more slowly and if possible, more Lithuanian English!!”

Krishan Lathigra – Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“The best thing about PR Academy is the people who run it. Ann Pilkington and Kevin Ruck genuinely care about their students and this is manifested in so many tangible ways. For example, in the middle of writing my assignment they answered my many questions so promptly that I was able to make progress very quickly. They maintained contact with students throughout the period of study and were incredibly supportive. I think they are probably the best supplier of communications courses and with Internal Communications you are in safe hands with Kevin and Ann – been there and done that but they are still fresh, keen and enthusiastic!”

Emily Gibbs – Corporate Communication Manager, Financial Times

“Studying for the Advanced Certificate gave me a deep understanding of the history and theory of PR, including the various methods of communication. I apply much of this knowledge to my job, in particular ensuring two-way communication. The importance of dialogue rather than broadcast has never been more evident, as we seek to increase engagement with the FT’s audience. This includes readers, advertising clients, media and the global influencers who we know will help position the FT as a digital innovator and a must read publication for the world’s top decision makers.”

Richard Tower

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement during the 10 month marathon that was the online version of the CIPR PR Diploma! The webinars were great and I particularly enjoyed the meetings in London. The final project has been a real help at work too, as my Execs are looking at the recommendations and we are implementing a strategic plan to improve our communications to older people who might move into our schemes. So it’s worked out really well.”

Chris Gamble – Internal Communications Manager, British Gypsum

“The most beneficial thing I took away from the Internal Communications Diploma was the level of application. I was attending a full-day session on a Saturday and going into work on Monday with a list of things I wanted to implement. At first I thought it may be me being a bit over enthusiastic, however the course maintained its level of practicality with the introduction of guest speakers (often from a practitioner background). The result was that not only did I feel I should be doing these things – I felt like I could, and straight away. So I did, I would go back into work and start applying these ideas on new campaigns or presentations. And so my credibility and confidence grew, strengthening the learning loop. The key difference between the PR Academy course and most university study is this level of application. Without the ability to practice what you are learning, the theories, models and approaches just don’t stick. Anyone who has tried (and failed, like me) to learn a language or instrument will agree.”

Jo Stringer, Head of Communications and Engagement, North of England Specialised Commissioning Group – NHS

“As a working mum, an online course was the only option for me. I didn’t know what to expect but thought I might feel a little isolated, not having any classroom interaction. I could not have been more wrong. I found the level of tutor support and contact during the Diploma course both surprising and extremely helpful.

My tutor was always available via email to answer queries, and offered support and advice throughout the course, for which I was extremely grateful. I really didn’t expect it!

An online course is the perfect option for students like me, juggling work and family as well as studies, and I was extremely impressed with the whole experience!”

Jane Revell

“I took my CIPR diploma with PR Academy. They helped me every step of the way, prompting lively discussions as well as providing a lot of support and encouragement in completing the assignments. It was great to have a range of tutors who showed how the theory is applied by giving practical examples from their own PR experiences.

I would definitely recommend people to consider the courses offered by PR Academy. Since getting my diploma I have been involved in the networking events PR Academy hold for past and present students, I’ve remained good friends with fellow colleagues from the course, and through PR Academy led activities I have many opportunities to further develop my career.”

Hilary Berg – Director of Learning and Strategic PR, Corporate Culture

“Studying for the CIPR Diploma with PR Academy was a real inspiration – a fantastic course.

Shortly after I started the course, I had to contend with changes at my business which meant I was working really long hours, but the PR Academy team were brilliant, helping me to plan my work and get through it and giving sound advice about the assignments.

I have a teaching qualification myself and the team exemplified everything I learnt about excellence in education. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the CIPR qualifications and PR Academy.”

Mike Gleeson

Hear Mike Gleeson, managing director of London-based consultancy Archangel , talk about his experiences studying with PR Academy for the CIPR diploma:

Download podcast here (MP3, 2.5MB).

Mike Wooles – Project Coordinator, Business Link

“The Internal Comms certificate course has proved very valuable, blending classic communications theory with an increased understanding of an organisation and an employee’s appetite for good internal comms.

Meeting with a peer-group of other internal comms professionals has been great fun and provided reassurance that ‘you’re not alone’ facing similar challenges. The Saturday pre-course ‘coffee and banter’ with the other folk was always uplifting.

The IC certificate has really supported me in my current project-based role at Business Link, understanding the value of internal communications in a change and transformation context. I would highly recommend and look forward to further offerings on this topic from the PR Academy.”

Wendy Cottis – Head of Corporate Communications, Office of National Statistics

“The CIPR Internal Communication Certificate delivered by the PR Academy is a great course to not only learn the theory of internal communication but to learn from and share with others how it is applied across all types of business.

The sessions were structured well, being fast paced but allowing sufficient time for groups to actively discuss the topics and how they are or could be applied in the workplace. The topics are timely for the current internal communication environment, bringing into play the latest social media opportunities.

Lecturers are practitioners who clearly recognise the challenges in the real work environment which does not always present all the components necessary for good internal communication. Being able to discuss these issues in the sessions was helpful and brought new insight to some of the internal communication problems we all faced.”

Jennifer Harrison – Business and Communications Analyst, QinetiQ

“Thank you for your support and guidance over the past few months – this has probably been the most useful course I have attended in terms of being able to apply what I am learning and really make a difference to the business! Learning the theory behind Internal Communication has allowed me to work more confidently and implement new ideas with extra gravitas. I would recommend this course for anyone starting out in the Internal Communications profession.”

Anne Dixon

“Having worked in internal communication and employee engagement for a number of years, I was looking for a course that would a) help me see more clearly the linkages between culture, communication and engagement, and b) give me some useful models and approaches to apply in my day-to-day work.  The Internal Communications Diploma gave me exactly what I needed.  Every module was interesting and expertly taught by Kevin Ruck, who encouraged critical thinking throughout the course and was available to talk to one-to-one when necessary.  Studying online allowed me to schedule my learning around my other commitments, and the face-to-face workshops as well as the student discussion forum meant that I didn’t feel isolated. The associated textbooks and suggested reading materials are solid sources of information that I can continue to refer to. The course was excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the theory behind internal communication and use this knowledge to further their career as a professional in this exciting field.”

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