Bournemouth celebrates 25 years of PR education

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Dev Mistry
Dev Mistry

This is an article by Dev Mistry   

Bournemouth University has an outstanding reputation for its media based courses.

Internationally renowned, it brings students together, from across the globe, to educate, enrich and develop them, to become media professionals in a range of industries.

The Public Relations course is just one example and in its time it has produced graduates who have gone on to run top global agencies, work in global organisations and have become highly successful PR influencers.

So it seemed only right to celebrate the PR course at Bournemouth as it reached its 25th anniversary landmark.

On 26 March 2015, over 150 alumni and students came together to celebrate the course and its achievements. Students from the course’s creation in 1989 through to the present day were in attendance, sharing knowledge, stories and experiences along the way.

The Bournemouth University PR and Communications Society, in conjunction with the BA Public Relations course, organised a reunion that brought together students, graduates and lecturers from across the 25 years, offering a unique networking opportunity for all. The celebration highlighted the diversity of individuals the course has produced, with alumni holding senior places in multinational organisations such as Starbucks, Honda, Porsche, Sony and Edelman, to name but a few.

Dev Mistry, a final year student, and President of the BU Public Relations and Communications Society (@BUPRAC) commented:

“It was a fantastic opportunity to not just organize the event, but also to attend it. It was great not just to celebrate the course, but also to find out where it had taken many grads – their routes through industry and where they ended up. The alumni I met inspired me to push forward with my degree and helped me make some worthwhile connections for the future”.

Debra Fisher, a BAPR alumna who currently works in luxury travel PR, added: “It was great to catch up with my fellow course mates and lecturers. Looking back on my experiences at Bournemouth University, it definitely was the right choice for me. I’m glad we’re celebrating the course because it deserves thanks, a lot of people wouldn’t be where they are now without it.”

Speaking before the event Dr Anastasios Theofilou, programme leader for Public Relations spoke about the past present and future for BAPR at Bournemouth University:

“Having a strong alumni network is essential for each degree. Through an event like this, we aim to create the space for everyone affiliated with BAPR to meet and network. Collaboration is key; we want our students to know that the relationship with the degree doesn’t end at graduation. It is only a new beginning. Someone from the BAPR course will always keep an eye on them when starting their career and moving upwards. This event truly is a celebration of the course from its creation to its present status and to its future development”.

The event was a testament to the reputation of the degree and the university – both held in high regard in the PR and media industsries. With the success of the course and its graduates, it’s clear to see that BAPR at Bournemouth University has a lot more than another 25 years ahead of it.