We name the UK’s Best PR Student Blogger 2020

About the author

Orlagh Shanks was our Best PR Student Blogger in 2018 and in 2019. She's now on a year's scholarship working in New York.

I was honoured with the task of choosing my successor – the ‘UK’s Best PR Student Blogger 2020’ – and what a task it was.

It’s not an easy decision to make between two great student blogs that have dedicated so much time and effort alongside their studies and during a worldwide pandemic. Many would have given up by this stage, but these girls persevered.

The winner of this year’s Best PR Blogs is Ulster University’s Niamh Murray, closely followed by Emma Rogers as runner-up. Below are some of my thoughts on both girls and their blogs and what makes them both great writers.

I’ve been reading Niamh Murray’s blog for two years or more now and it’s a blog that I’ve come to look forward to reading with every new post. Niamh has a certain style of writing that allows her to stand out from the rest of her peers and uses a language that I fully understand, with her idioms and use of slang from Northern Ireland (or probably the ‘north’ as she would call it).

Niamh has a very informal style of writing, but always finds a way to make the reader laugh – even with the added GIF here and there.

One blog post that I always recall when I think of Niamh Murray is ‘Taken‘.

It’s an extremely poignant piece and one of the best student blog posts I’ve ever read.

Niamh has kept up her blogging in her final year alongside her studies and alongside a worldwide pandemic, something I don’t know if I would have had the energy for myself. A worthy winner of this year’s competition and I do hope that Niamh continues to blog and finally creates a PR Twitter account. Congratulations Niamh.

A very close runner up for this year’s competition is Emma Rogers from Solent University. Emma’s blog not only looks the part, but reads just as well too. Emma has created a very professional website that will help her further into her working life.

What I love about Emma’s blog posts is that they are succinct, easy reads that get straight to the point. How I wish I could cut out waffling and be more focused on the topic like Emma! Emma’s blog posts are very current and reflect the goings on in the PR and Marketing worlds at that time.

But Emma also writes about her student life and brings her personality and own thoughts and feelings to the screen. A thoroughly enjoyable blog and one that I hope Emma continues with after university. Congratulations Emma.