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July 2019 We celebrated the achievement of 148 practitioners who either completed and passed their course, or are well on their way to being #CIPRQualified having successfully passed their latest assignment.  This is the time when many of our short, specialist courses are completed.  Our CIPR Specialist Certificate in Internal Communication, Specialist Diploma in Crisis Communication and PR Foundation course all had 100% pass rates making our overall pass rate well over 90%.

March 2019 Congrats go particularly to our CIPR crisis communication students who achieved a 100% pass rate. Across all our other CIPR courses the pass rate was also high. Once again we saw some great thought leadership work by our PR Diploma students where we were only one paper away from a 100% pass rate. We look forward to publishing some of the work on PR Place.


Graduation day is always special for PR Academy students.

PR Academy graduates with certificates

“It has been an incredibly rewarding experience and one that I would highly recommend to PR practitioners looking to grow and take the next step in their career.

The course has really helped to shape my thinking in a much more strategic way looking at the overall picture and understanding why we undertake particular PR campaigns and activities and be able to challenge the business about its communication goals, as well as providing recommendations. With the increased knowledge and confidence gained from the course I have also been able to secure a new job recently too.”

Imran Javaid

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