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Our pass rate is consistently high, we want you to succeed and help you do so with example papers and assignment tips.

Check out our latest CIPR qualification results:

March 2024 results (January 2024 submissions): We were thrilled to have a 100% pass rate for the first assignment of the Professional PR Diploma. This is a really practical assignment addressing a real-life work situation.  Across all other courses, the pass rate was about 90% with many courses hitting 100% – congratulations all!

January 2024 results (October 2023 submissions): Well done to all our students who graduated! The pass rate was over 90% and hit 100% on many of the courses! A great set of results.

September 2023 results (July 2023 submissions): A good set of results for the Professional PR Diploma – the course with the most submissions this month. We had a 100% pass rate on the third and final unit assignment for the course. All our CIPR Crisis Communication Diploma students passed too. Congrats all!

Just a note of caution when looking at pass rates (not just ours!). If there is a small number of submissions, say just two or three papers, then a 100% pass rate isn’t surprising. We don’t tend to quote the pass rate in these circumstances as we think it’s a bit misleading. Overall, our total pass rate is around 90%.

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