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CIPR Specialist Diploma: Digital Communication
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The CIPR Specialist Diploma: Digital Communication equips you with the knowledge you need to make social and digital media an effective, integral part of your PR and communication strategy. Our digital PR courses help you to understand online behaviours and trends, planning for digital PR, data analytics and evaluation.

This course is taught and assessed at Master’s level. Make sure that this is the right level for you and if you aren’t sure, just get in touch.


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Assignments: 1

Study: 3-4 hours a week

Duration: 6 months

Instalments available

Course Features

Learn at your own pace

Unlimited tutor support

Individual feedback on assignment ideas to ensure you are on track for success

Specially selected online library

Online learning centre

Lively online discussion

CIPR accredited

Evening webinars recorded for playback

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PR Academy tuition: £1,550 

Our pricing is totally transparent:

CIPR Awarding body fees: £405 (no VAT)

Total: £1,955 (+VAT)

VAT will be calculated upon enrolment depending on your location and situation. VAT inclusive price is £2265.

Instalment option

Pay in easy instalments. An initial payment of £465 (payable before course starts) then six monthly payments of £300.


Instalments shown include VAT

Paying by instalment: the first payment is made when you enrol, future payments come out monthly on the same date. For example, if you enrol on the 20th, future payments are made monthly on the 20th.

28 February 2022


Who’s this course for?

PR and communication practitioners. You may be working in a PR or communication role and want to develop your expertise in social media and digital communication as part of your strategic communication.

Not just for PR. If you have responsibility for digital communication in consultancy or in-house in a related discipline such as marketing this course will help you to make your digital PR effective.

Update your CV. Add a digital qualification to your CV and show that your practice is up to date. You may already hold the CIPR PR Diploma and want to add a new skill to your CV.

Master’s level. This is Master’s level course so make sure you are ready to study and be assessed at this level.

Learning outcomes

Learn to manage, plan, monitor, measure and evaluate digital and social media activities and engagement with stakeholders and online communities, consider legal and ethical implications.

Develop digital PR strategies that help organisations to enhance and protect their reputation and achieve their strategic objectives.

Get to grips with emerging technologies, digital strategies and social media platforms. Understand the disruptive and transformative impact of digital technologies on society, business, organisations and individuals.

Apply what you learn. You can choose to be assessed on a real work related project which is great for employers, showing the practical relevance of the course.

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CIPR Specialist Diploma: Digital Communications Brohcure

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Why get a qualification?

Update your skills. Demonstrate that you can make digital an effective part of your communication planning. Learn to use it strategically to the benefit of your organisation or clients.

As a public affairs professional, I know that digital is an increasingly important aspect of the political communications mix. It’s vital that practitioners of all disciplines get to grips with this ever-changing landscape and how it can best be used to manage organisational reputation and build meaningful relationships with online stakeholders. I would recommend a digital course to anyone who wants to add a truly valuable string to their bow.

Samantha Wilding

Heather Yaxley, Course Leader

Meet your course tutor Heather Yaxley

I’m a passionate advocate for investment in sustainable professional development and the benefits that effective learning brings to individuals, teams and organisations. At a time of unprecedented change in working practices, we all need to keep up to date with latest thinking, new ideas, and emerging practice.

Learn in the best spaces

Our central London training venue has great facilities and super healthy food.


For CIPR courses, your course fee is a combination of the PR Academy tuition fee and the CIPR awarding body and registration fee. PR Academy provides all your tuition plus an online learning centre with books and resources and marks your work. If you come to face to face classes we provide you with lots of tea and coffee and a lovely lunch. You don’t really need to buy any books as most resources are online, but you can of course purchase books if you like and we can help you to decide what to buy.
We don't put a limit on support, for some courses we may ask you to book a tutorial and sometimes one of the team in the office can help.
Online learning enables you to study for your qualification from anywhere in the world. Our courses use a mix of live webinars, online discussion and guided reading which we provide. Our blended learning courses mix online with optional face to face sessions. Your tutor is there to support you and help you to stay on track.
It's great news that your employer is investing in your development. The first thing to do is get a purchase order - you will need it when you enrol. This is really important as without it we aren't able to raise an invoice. Alternatively, you can pay using a company credit or debit card at checkout - that's probably the easiest way. The second thing is to allow plenty of time! We need payment before the course starts and we know that sometimes company's payment processes can take a while. So act now to get it all sorted in time. If you need any help or advice, just give us a call and Shelley will help you.
They aren't heavily academic. We still discuss theory because that’s what makes us better practitioners, but we show how to apply it in practice. We call it applied learning. (CIPR qualifications have been refreshed in recent years so they are now much more about applying theory to practice.)
It depends a bit on the awarding body, some have different regulations but in most cases you have a period of time in which to submit and we give you access to the materials for up to a year after the course has finished. If in any doubt, please talk to us.

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