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CIPR Specialist Diploma: Internal Communication
Blended Learning

About this course

Become an effective, strategic internal communication practitioner with advanced communication planning and implementation skills. This internal communication course takes a strategic look at this exciting and growing area of practice. Topics include change communication, engagement, the strategic use of social media and measurement.

COVID-19 update: as this is a blended course with a couple of optional face to face workshops, we are monitoring things carefully, please see the FAQs at the bottom of the page for more details and get in touch if you want to chat through.

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Assignments: 1

Study: 3-4 hours a week

Instalments available

6 months

Course Features

Flexible blended learning

Unlimited tutor support

Specially selected online library

Optional seminars, central London


CIPR accredited

Lunch time webinars recorded for playback

What are the course fees?*

PR Academy fees: £1,550 (+VAT)

CIPR Awarding body fees: £405 (no VAT)

Total: £1,955 (+VAT)

*VAT will be calculated upon enrolment depending on your location and situation. VAT inclusive price is £2265.

Instalment options*

Pay in easy instalments. An initial payment of £465 (payable before course starts) then six monthly payments of £300.


*Instalments shown include VAT

Paying by instalment: the first payment is made when you enrol, future payments come out monthly on the same date. For example, if you enrol on the 20th, future payments are made monthly on the 20th.

01 March 2021


Who’s this course for?

Experienced practitioners. You are an experienced internal communicator or PR professional looking to gain a specialist internal communication qualification to underpin your skills with theory and analysis. You may be working in a related field such as HR. The qualification is aimed at more experienced practitioners who want to develop strategic internal communication and management skills, or those who have studied for the CIPR Specialist Certificate: Internal Communication.

Gain new skills. You may want to gain new skills or improve existing skills by learning about the strategic role of internal communication.

Make an impact. You want to learn how to develop an internal communication strategy and make an impact in the organisation.

Learning outcomes

In studying for the CIPR Specialist Diploma in Internal Communication you will take an in-depth look at what makes communication effective, how to use research to develop great internal communication strategies and the nature of change management communication. Come away with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate at board level.

Learn how internal communication contributes to employee engagement and change. Understand what is expected of an ethical practitioner.

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Why get a qualification?

Update your skills. Underpin your internal communication practice with the latest theory and models.

Meet your course leader Dr Kevin Ruck

I get a buzz from teaching as I like to explore new ideas and ways of working. I like to think big about PR, internal communication and employee engagement. I think you tend to always get what you’ve always got if you always do what you’ve always done. So teaching and learning is about thinking differently in ways that can be applied to better practice.

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00 44 (0) 203 862 6910

Having not studied for a long time, I was a little apprehensive on day one as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the tutors were incredibly warm and supportive. I came away from the first workshop feeling part of a community. I was learning with people who faced the same issues and challenges as me and it was great to chat in the breaks – I learned a lot from others on the course.

Laura Pinney

Your questions answered

At the moment we are monitoring government advice and other factors such as venue availability and rules, plus people’s willingness to travel into London. Presently we plan to run the workshops but we are keeping things under review. There are a couple of options if we can't run face to face workshops this autumn:
  • We will provide the sessions online
  • Depending on the situation we may be able to run them later in the course, during early 2021. (The assignment isn’t due until the end of March 2021)
All our courses provide unlimited tutor support. We want to support you every step of the way.
It's great news that your employer is investing in your development. The first thing to do is get a purchase order - you will need it when you enrol. This is really important as without it we aren't able to raise an invoice. Alternatively, you can pay using a company credit or debit card at checkout - that's probably the easiest way. The second thing is to allow plenty of time! We need payment before the course starts and we know that sometimes company's payment processes can take a while. So act now to get it all sorted in time. If you need any help or advice, just give us a call and Shelley will help you.
No. For example, the CIPR qualifications have been refreshed so they are now much more about applying theory to practice. We still discuss theory because that’s what makes us better practitioners, but we show how to apply it in practice. We call it applied learning.
It depends a bit on the awarding body, some have different regulations but in most cases you have a period of time in which to submit and we give you access to the materials for up to a year after the course has finished. If in any doubt, please talk to us.

See what its like to study internal communication with PR Academy

We developed the original internal communication qualifications for the CIPR.  PR Academy director and your course leader, Dr Kevin Ruck is the editor and co-author of one of the key internal comms books – Exploring Internal Communication.