How to select your CIPR study centre

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We often speak to practitioners who are a bit confused about how CIPR qualifications are delivered – who can teach them, the relationship with the CIPR and things like that.  So, we’ve set out to make it really clear and provide some tips on selecting a CIPR qualification study partner.

Who can deliver CIPR qualifications?

The CIPR accredits teaching providers to teach its qualifications. They may be private business like us at PR Academy or sometimes universities. There are teaching centres in the UK and overseas.

Do I have to go with a provider local to me?

No matter where you are in the world you can select whichever teaching centre you like, wherever it is. Centres are not approved to run courses for a particular region.

How do the centres differ?

All CIPR accredited teaching centres must teach to the same syllabus. But the way it is taught can vary. Here are some questions that we think its important to ask when selecting your provider:

  • Who will I learn from? This is really important, at PR Academy our tutors are specialists in their field – not generalists. We are PR and communication specialists. You can check out our tutors here.
  • What support will I get? We often get asked this so we know it’s top of mind for many. At PR Academy access to your course leader – a subject matter expert – is easy. On most courses you can book tutorial time and we also provide individual feedback on assignment ideas to ensure you are on track for success.
  • What resources will I get? With our courses everything is included. We have an extensive online library of key PR and communication books. With some courses you receive a copy of a key text too. Check out our Study Support Package.
  • How do you teach online? Building a good online learning experience is a big undertaking – you don’t want to find you are just doing things on Teams. At PR Academy we have invested heavily in our bespoke Study Hub which hosts all your lessons – podcasts, video, exercises, case studies – and links you to guided reading from the online library. We also run live workshops throughout the year. There are lots of different ways of describing online learning so make sure you are 100% clear about how your course will be taught.
  • How established is the provider? How well do they understand CIPR qualifications? At PR Academy we have been teaching CIPR qualifications since 2007 so we understand how best to support you, not only to achieve your qualification, but to navigate the rules and regulations that come with a qualification from a Chartered awarding body.

We hope that this has helped you to understand how it all works, do get in touch if you would like to chat.


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