About Mind the PR Gap

Mind the PR Gap 2022

About Mind the PR Gap

Mind the PR Gap focuses on connecting PR research and practice. Open to practitioners, academics, researchers and students, it discusses contemporary topics to offer a clear agenda for change.

Started in 2017, PR Academy has developed and delivered the initiative over the years with leading UK and international academics. 

Themes and topics have included:

  • AI, creativity, measurement, and fake news 
  • Inclusion, intersectionality, and neurodiversity
  • Corporate purpose, activism, behaviour change and evidence-based crisis communication
  • Employability, future of work, capabilities, and career sustainability 


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The Mind the PR Gap 2022 organising team is Heather Yaxley (independent scholar), Nicky Garsten (University of Greenwich), Sarah Roberts-Bowman (Northumbria University), and Kevin Ruck (PR Academy).

The free online programme argues professional communicators need to be less concerned about their place as strategic managers with a seat at the senior table in organisations. Instead, it calls for communicators to attend to complex leadership issues and interconnections by being human ‘in the world’.

Speakers will address three worldwide changes that challenge the established strategic management focus of PR academia and practice:

  1. Speed and scope of technological developments, particularly AI.
  2. Pressures and expectations of activism and polarisation of perspectives.
  3. Complexity of issues affecting organisations, non-humans and natural environments.

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When: Wednesday 13 July, 13.00 – 14.30 BST

Where: Online

Who should attend: PR practitioners, academics, researchers and students

Cost: Free, but spaces are limited