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Richard Bailey FCIPR MPRCA is editor of our Insights, formerly PR Place. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.


This is a completely revised and extended third edition of the book. It is a collaborative project, involving 14 contributors who are academics and practitioners. What unites us is a belief in the value of internal communication which has, for far too long, been a neglected discipline.

It has been written for internal communication practitioners and students who are interested in developing a career that is based on academic thinking that makes practice more strategic and effective. The book also provides practitioners and students from different backgrounds, such as Media Relations, Public Affairs, Crisis Communication, Social and Digital Communication, HR and Marketing, with a dedicated perspective on internal communication.

The book is divided into two sections; Part I on internal communication theory and Part II on research, planning and measurement. The style of writing in Part I is academic, reflecting the importance of drawing upon established academic thinking for theory. The style of writing in Part II is less academic and more practical. The book is therefore structured in a way that stresses the importance of a theoretical underpinning for practice. This is important if internal communication is to become a more recognised professional discipline. It is not a book that focuses on tactics, other books already do this. Instead, it emphasises research and thoughtful planning before tactics are selected.

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