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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

It happened this week


  • Rachel Miller: Why becoming chartered is good for business (13 April)
    Dan Holden says: ‘For me, chartership helps fellow internal communicators show that our profession is exact that, a profession. Its an opportunity for us to say we’re skilled, experienced and qualified people who add an incredible amount of value to our organisations.’
  • Stuart Bruce: Chartered PR status still isn’t respected as much as in other professions (13 April)
    ‘There are too many people claiming to do public relations, when in reality they are simply publicists or one trick ponies only able to do a small part of the job, such as media relations or social media.’
  • Amanda Coleman: Life long learning (13 April)
    ‘At the moment PR is one industry that has no obvious bars to people joining. There is no need to have a University degree or to have achieved a certain qualification. This on paper makes it open to all. However, that is not the case as the diversity figures within the industry have shown over many years. So what can we do to encourage people to continue to develop and to value continued learning?’

Purpose and ESG

  • Claire Foster: Read the room (no date)
    ‘No one should dictate how others spend earned or inherited income. But the privilege of freedom should be acknowledged. The lesson for your boardroom is to read the room. Place every decision under journalistic scrutiny. If your social conscience is clear, your future reputation and shareholders will thank you.’
  • Anthony Hughes: Activist investors: the new climate enforcers? (12 April)
    ‘According to Lazard, last year saw the rapid proliferation of ESG as a key plank in activists’ campaigns… Some of the world’s largest asset managers are also fueling ESG related shareholder activism.’

Consulting, teams and careers

  • Jill Spurr: We regret to inform you 2 – from the other side of the decision (12 April)
    ‘So many people have negative experiences of the job recruitment process. Here’s a new case study on how to build on those experiences and put in place interview and feedback standards which sets the bar for many others to aim for.’
  • Ben Smith: A PR Q1 update with W founder and MD Warren Johnson [podcast]
    ‘We’re finding [the market] pretty buoyant right now – but not without its challenges. The new business process seems longer and more protracted than ever; and the talent problems we’re all facing recruiting.’
  • Katie Pegg: A love letter to the team – it’s the future (11 April)
    ‘It’s an exciting time for comms. I love a reset too. And now offers a unique opportunity to take a breath, rebuild and spend time on things that had to take a backseat. Let’s seize the moment. Let’s go all Blues Brothers and get the band back together. Let’s not throw the team, and all its glorious qualities, out with the office.’

Politics, public affairs and public sphere 

  • Joe Cooper: The Prime Minister and Chancellor put on notice over lockdown parties (12 April)
    ‘Yet again though, the Prime Minister finds himself embroiled in the Partygate scandal with further questions likely to be raised about his culpability and suitability for high office.’
  • Tiffany Burrows: #TradeTalks with Sally Jones, EY [podcast] (11 April)
    ‘It all comes down to market access. And sustainability has been climbing up the agenda.’
  • Gabriel Milland: Go green, go nuclear – or go home: Why the energy strategy makes sense (11 April)
    ‘If a new energy policy can present itself as greener, less prone to disruption from Russia or another hostile state, and as providing prices which are not just competitive but more predictable then it will hit home strongly with voters.’
  • Becky Noel: Are women being heard? (11 April)
    ‘Committing to a women’s health strategy is a promising step in the right direction for this Government and has offered women long overdue hope.’

Brands, content and creativity

Internal communication

Media, digital and technology

  • Holly Monger: Six things we learned about fintech at the Mambu Meet-up (no date)
    ‘James Morgan from PwC highlighted the issues that exist in many banks he’s worked with, and they start during the application process. He stated that very often, financial services providers have no single view of the customer. When coupled with poor retention marketing, the result is a leaky bucket whereby banks and lenders leave revenue on the table.’

Academic and education

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  • Elena Niculescu (Solent): France banned plastic wrap for fruits and veg – and so should we (13 April)
    ‘France is ahead of the sustainability game, as the country banned plastic wrap for fruits and veg to eventually go plastic free by 2026.’
  • Bethany Gough (Solent): Studying abroad (13 April)
    ‘I am writing to you from The Hague today… There are around 30 students from 5 Universities across Europe here, with many speaking multiple languages.’
  • Jack Cameron-Dolan (Leeds Beckett): Morbius: How Too Much Advertising Can Destroy Your Campaign (11 April)
    ‘When bringing a relatively unknown and new face onto the big screen, it’s important to take a marketing approach that fills in the knowledge gaps of those you want to see your film.’
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