This week in PR (14 June)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

When it's not a good idea to drive through a ford. Yep that's a car ? @drewbenvie
When it's not a good idea to drive through a ford. Yep that's a car ? @drewbenvie

In the news

  • Is this the world’s hardest PR job? Sarah Sanders has toughed it out in the White House for two years, but she’s to stand down as the US president’s press secretary at the end of June (The Guardian reports). There used to be daily White House press briefings – but the last one was three months ago.
  • Past president of the CIPR Sarah Waddington (until recently Sarah Hall) has been appointed chair of the PRCA’s new Borderlands and North East regional group.
  • The CIPR has welcomed ten new Chartered Practitioners: Rachael Clamp; ​Lisa Fleming; Sarah Kinson; Helen Owen; Amanda Pearse; Paul Riddell; Charlotte Sanville; Stuart Thomson; Giuseppina Valenza; and Daniel Wood.

Research and academic

Insights and opinions: Pick of the posts

These are the editor’s pick of posts about public relations this week (UK focused, but with a global outlook). Recommendations are welcome to [email protected] or @pr_place

Purpose and professionalism

    • Jenni Field: Why the IABC world conference is now a regular in my calendar (13 June)
      ‘I see the word keynote on a lot of programmes but this conference taught me what a keynote should be. There were four keynotes in total… Each one was thought-provoking in its own right and each one enabled conversations, debates and discussions both in the rooms and online.’
    • Tom Hashemi: Do PR firms take their own medicine regarding social purpose? (10 June)
      ‘Our society is changing. It is not clear what will define the new socio-political order, but we are already in it. And our industry is changing. The rise of AI and the relative decline of Western economies (and their businesses) will come to bear. A lodestar would be a useful ally to navigate with.’

Consulting, careers and skills

  • Arvind Hickman with Mandy Sharp, James Herring and Tanya Ridd: Is the PR pitching process broken? [podcast] (13 June)
    ‘There’s so much time and money involved in pitching that it has to be right. It all starts with a great brief. But so often the brief is broken, because it’s been written by committee.’
  • Stephen Waddington: Don’t sweat Cannes. Awards are a form of media (11 June)
    ‘The public relations industry like many other markets is saturated for awards. There are more than 1,000 different individual awards up for grabs in the UK among media, associations and third parties.’

Politics and public affairs

Public and third sectors

  • Andy Hillier: Oxfam got it wrong – but so, I suspect, have many charities (12 June)
    ‘The [Charity Commission] concludes that the senior executive team and trustee board failed to make the right decisions in 2011 when faced with allegations of abuse by its workers in Haiti, essentially putting protection of the brand before the needs of those who had been exploited.’

Gender, diversity and wellbeing

Brands and influence

  • Scott Guthrie: Influencer marketing after Instagram (13 June)
    ‘Instagram’s Paid Partnership fares the worse. Creators who use this tag with brand collaboration work see their engagement rates plummet by a third (32%) on average. Further, average engagement rates on brand sponsored posts decline as account sizes grow.’

Trust, crisis and reputation

  • Charlie Pownall: Why VW’s electric driving campaign is worth the risk (13 June)
    ‘Most companies expressly avoid mentioning past scandals in their advertising. Not so VW, which makes its 2015 diesel emissions crisis the starting point for its latest ad ‘Hello Light’.’

Internal communication

  • Suzie Robinson: Intranet Now in Three Themes (12 June)
    ‘The community that we belong to (whatever your department, if you see that value in an intranet then you’re part of this community) is a fantastic one. It’s friendly, knowledgeable, and people genuinely want to help each other.’
  • Jenni Kampf: Together in perfect harmony? (12 June)
    ‘To be honest, I don’t think I have my work-life harmony entirely figured out. Like many things in life, it’s fine when everything’s going ok and according to plan. But life is very rarely so straightforward. We have so many different demands on our time, that achieving any kind of harmony feels basically impossible.’
  • Rachel Miller with Jenni Field: How to communicate with remote workers (9 June)
    ‘There are two things that surprised me. The first was the importance of third space as a concept for communicators. This is a terms used to describe the space between home and work, and for remote/deskless workers this is often the canteen, mess room etc.’

Campaigns and creativity

Measurement and evaluation

  • Laura Joint: A Handy Trick for Measuring the Awareness of a PR Campaign (7 June)
    ‘Measurement in PR often stops at counting clips and audience figures. If you’re guilty of this, you’re missing out on digging into the results of a big part of your campaign — the “outtakes”.’

Technology and AI

  • Rebecca Potts: Does AI hate women? Female role models in data and AI (13 June)
    ‘‘The importance of female role models in data and AI’ was a panel session chaired by David Reed, editor of DataIQ, who opened the discussion with the question on everyone’s lips: does AI hate women?’
  • Stephen Davies: Facebook Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know (no date)
    ‘In this podcast we delve into what cryptocurrency is, the types of cryptocurrencies there are and everything we know about the Facebook cryptocurrency.’

Media and digital