This week in PR (17 February)

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Richard Bailey Hon FCIPR is editor of PR Academy's PR Place Insights. He teaches and assesses undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students.

It happened this week

  • Edelman, now in its 70th year, has passed the $1 billion dollar barrier for its 2022 financial year. The US and the UK account for 70% of the firm’s business. (Source: PRovoke Media)

Purpose, climate and ESG

Consulting, skills and careers

Gender, diversity and wellbeing

  • Sarah Browning: The power of inclusive language (10 February)
    ‘Choose the right words to connect and collaborate with your audience and you really can make the world a better place.’

Public and third sectors

Politics, public affairs and public sphere

  • Sara Price: Recruiting: First Minister of Scotland (16 February)
    ‘In a moment of déjà vu that brought back visions of Jacinda Ardern resigning earlier this year, Sturgeon said that she knew with her “head and heart” that it was time to go.’
  • Connor Whittam: Why Sturgeon’s exit matters to Labour (16 February)
    ‘The news of Sturgeon’s departure is a gift to Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar – who is eleven days shy of his two year anniversary in the role.’

Crisis, risk and reputation

  • Mark Harris: Hindsight and 20/20 vision (15 February)
    ‘While it is extremely important to review the past and learn lessons, and self-correct how we do things, particularly where public safety is concerned, we should not find ourselves in a position whereby we are being directed by the legacy.  The risk is if we continue to drive while our gaze is fixed on the rear-view mirror, we will crash.’
  • Claire Munro: Book Review: Communicate in a Crisis (15 February)
    ‘No-one should be surprised that “perma-crisis” was declared Oxford English Dictionary word of the year 2022. But as no communicator can be on red alert all the time – as Hartley, founder of crisis training agency Polpeo, points out – being able to tell a short-lived social media controversy from a major real-world business risk is essential.’

Behaviour and influence

Internal communication

Media, digital and technology

  • Rebecca Moss: 50 things you should know about digital PR (16 February)
    ‘Remember, people in this industry only share their best work. You don’t see the flops or the emails from clients disappointed by campaign performance. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep learning and keep producing cool, relevant content for your brands/clients!’
  • Charlie Barker: ‘Ordinary’ investors aren’t ordinary – ignore them at your peril (16 February)
    ‘With so many key players in UK capital markets coming together so retail investors can access transactions previously shut off to them, momentum is clearly building.’
  • Andrew Bruce Smith: Great Minds: Andrew Bruce Smith shares his thoughts ChatGPT (10 February)
    ‘It’s undeniable that Google themselves – along with pretty much the entire tech industry – has been ‌ taken aback by ChatGPT and the incredible combination of uptake of use and interest in it.’

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